09th Jan2013

Planetside 2 – Update incoming!

Snagged this over at the official Planetside2 forums, definately worth a look! Hey all! Happy New Year, I hope you all had a great 2012 and are...

21st Dec2012

Defiance – Register for Beta!

Trion Worlds collaboration wth the SyFy Channel, Defiance is now taking registerations for beta!  Take a look at the video, production value looks great, let’s hope the...

17th Dec2012

The Secret World – Pay once, play forever!

Funcom has dropped the subscription model for The Secret World.  If you have purchased the game, you can now play free of monthly charges.  All current content...

02nd Oct2012

Marvel Heroes – Account Registrations are open!

If you have any interest at all in this new super hero MMO, head on over and get registered.

31st Aug2012

City of Heroes to be shut down!

I saw this article over at Massively.com and wanted to share since many of us played CoH together. A sad day indeed!

17th Aug2012

Planetside 2 – Power/Gameplay Cinematic Trailer

This game can’t get here soon enough!!

16th Aug2012

Blizzard releases Mists of Pandaria’s Cinematic

Blizzard always puts out some of the best animations.  Unfortunately, this one, as good as it looks, lacks a bit of the awe that they usually have.

10th Aug2012

Surprise Guild Wars 2 stress test TONIGHT!

Looks like ArenaNet needs our help!  Surprise stress test Aug 10, 7pm EST til 10pm EST.

31st Jul2012

The Secret World – Update 1.1 is live!

As promised!  Funcom has delivered the first update to The Secret World.

26th Jul2012

Planetside 2 – No Excuse trailer

I really can’t wait until this bad boy hits market.  My understanding from reading a release from SOE, if you have ever played Planetside, you will be...