25th Jul2012

WOW’s Mists of Pandaria release date

Mists of Pandaria Launches September 25, 2012 – Pre-Sales NOW OPEN

24th Jul2012

Mechwarrior Online: Caustic Valley

This game is starting to look very good!

03rd Jul2012

The Secret World – Launch Day!

That’s right! Funcom has pulled off a masterpiece. The Secret World is available to all comers starting today! Take a look at their launch trailer, it gives...

28th Jun2012

Guild Wars 2 – Set for release Aug 28th!

That’s right!  Guild Wars 2 finally has a release date.  Get your pre-orders in, this one is going to be good!

25th Jun2012

The Secret World headstart begins this Friday!

That’s right folks!  It’s finally here.  The Secret World headstart begins this Friday, June 29th!  If you are considering this title, you need to head on over...

15th Jun2012

BioWare hinting at F2P for SWTOR!

The Old Republic lead designer discusses the competitive MMO marketplace and how The Old Republic might use a free-to-play model.

13th Jun2012

Wildstar – Friends and Family preview

This is a nice walk through showcasing some of the Wildstar content.  Really interested in this game!

12th Jun2012

The Secret World – Beta Key giveaway

The folks over at MMORPG.COM have a few thousand beta keys to give out.  If you havent tried this MMO, you need to.

08th Jun2012

Star Wars 1313 – Extended Gameplay Trailers

Here are the new official extended gameplay trailers for the third person shooter, Star Wars 1313.  Looks damn impressive.

08th Jun2012

Agni’s Philosophy – Tech Demo

I’ve never been a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, but this new graphics engine is amazing!