19th Mar2012

The Secret World – 2012 GDC Presentation

This is some amazing in-game footage.  If you have any interest in this game at all, I highly recommend you take this in.

28th Feb2012

MechWarrior Online – Official trailer

I always wondered when they would give us a new MechWarrior, from the looks of this video, it’s not too far away. (This is labelled as acutal...

22nd Feb2012

Mass Effect 3 – Take the Earth Back

The latest trailer for Mass Effect 3 from BioWare!

23rd Jan2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Upcoming features teaser

See what you have to look forward to in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™! This new video highlights just some of the new content and game systems...

16th Jan2012

The Secret World – Illuminati Teaser

This game is looking more epic everyday! Check out the new Illuminati teaser.

05th Jan2012

Planetside 2 gameplay video

Some in game footage of the new MMOFPS from The9. This is starting to look epic!

11th Dec2011

Guild Wars 2 Trailer

Guild Wars 2 is shaping up to be one of the premier releases of 2012.  Take a look at the official trailer from ArenaNet and tell us...

11th Dec2011

Wildstar Official Trailer

NCSoft’s new MMO title WildStar has hit the ground running with their teaser trailer.   Hell, Pixar needs to make a movie about these guys!  If the game...

07th Dec2011

The Secret World – Scorched Desert trailer

Funcom has released a new trailer showcasing the ‘Scorched Desert’ in the upcoming MMO, The Secret World.

05th Dec2011

Tribes: Ascend – Focus trailer

Hi-Rez Studios showcased their new free-to-play, first person shooter Tribes: Ascend at the North American Star League (NASL) Season 2 Finals this past weekend. Get the whole...